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Church isn’t really a building; Church is about the people using the building, caring for the building, caring for each other and caring about the community they share with us all.

cte.jpgCTA brings together people from the many diverse Churches in and around Ashford. We are part of Churches Together in Kent, who in turn are part of Churches Together in England.

CTA is a visible statement of a unity that also recognises and embraces differences; different Denominations, different styles of Worship, but one Jesus Christ, the Centre of all that is CTA.

26 Member Churches make up the CTA

Members of CTA are committed to praying for, and working with, the leaders of Ashford and its surrounding villages; helping to ensure the very best for Ashford’s future.

CTA welcomes and invites people from different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to join in a journey to discover the importance of the Christian message of hope within the various communities in and around Ashford.

Spinnaker , FoodBank and Street Pastors are outward signs of churches working together for the good of the community across inter-denominational boundaries.

CTA recognise the need to connect with the youth community, we have a dedicated youth co-ordinator working locally and Nationally.